Marie Claire’s Twitter Strategy

On a Sunday afternoon I spent my day perousing through stores in the Short North of Columbus. This area houses some of the most unique and fashion foward establishments in all of Columbus. When I got home I decided it was time to write, but about what?

Well, with this new era of Twitter followers fashion brands, journalists and bloggers have jumped on board to develop new relationships in this new globo-sphere, while fashion magazines have been slower at embracing this new outlet. Marie Claire is one fashion magazine that is paving the way through Twitter.

Through this link they offer Twitter strategies and Fashion PR pitch tips:

Marie Claire has used their Twitter account to achieve there goals of gaining followers and being there number one source for beauty, fashion, celebrity and lifestyle.

Successful Components of a Twitter Strategy:

  1. Provide information
  2. Engage in conversation
  3. Post links to articles

By using these three strategies Marie Claire has created a target audience by joining into the conversation, asking questions and responding to, or retweeting what followers find interesting and relevant to the magazine.

One of the most exciting and new things Marie Claire did to engage followers was a live tweet of a blind date. People followed all the way through the five hour date sharing there opinions through this open forum. I think this creative outlet has aloud for new possibilities with magazine publishers; providing there audience with just what they want through the web and in print.

Interested in fashion? Join the conversation and follow on Twitter @marieclaire


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