Pinterest and BHLDN are a True Match

As a user of Pinterest I am in love with the virtual pin board. To me I think this is a marketers dream come true. Well, especially when marketing to women or people in the wedding industry. 

I found where Anthropologie’s wedding and special events line- BHLDN has been promoting through Pinterest. That is probably one of the most pinned categories is Weddings and events which is why Pinterest is a perfect match for BHLDN.

Internal Communications

Using social media to communicate a brand has to be done strategically. The stylist, merchandising, PR, and design teams all pin content that is true to the brand image.

Their strategy for the Pinterest images that they upload are not just of products, but images that really transpire the brand and the feelings we get from it as customers. For example they pin images of flowers, cakes, and other wedding decor.

By looking at customer comments or pins they are able to learn who they are and what they want as consumers. This helps guide them with fresh and current content that pinners will love.

Pinner Interaction 

BHLDN has created a contest on Pinterest. What it entails is pinning 10 pins from their build your own holiday fete board and have a chance at winning a $1,000 gift card to BHLDN.

This interactive promotion certainly gets customers excited for the holidays while exposing themselves more to the new products available this holiday season.

Pinterest Suggestion

Also an added feature that BHLDN has been hoping Pinterest would do is now here. They wanted Pinterest to have private boards for brides to plan their weddings with. Now each Pinterest user is able to create three private pin boards that only they can see.

Pinterest suggest the private boards for a surprise Birthday, holiday gifts or other events you’re planning that you’re no quite ready to share with everyone. Here is an article by Alyson Shontell showing how the private boards work.

Hopefully this feature will help BHLDN grab the attention of bride’s to commit to their unique products when planning her big day.


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